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Pirate Party of Finland

Piraattipuolue (Pirate Party of Finland) is a political party in Finland and a part of a global pirate party movement.


  • is a party with a focus on information society topics which values openness and liberty and defends the freedom of speech, privacy and justice.
  • wants to promote freedom of information by removing excessive copyright restrictions, abolishing the current patent system and by promoting the spread and openness of government and scientific data.
  • demands more openness in public decision-making and more possibilities for citizens to participate in political processes.
  • wants a reasonable information society policy according to which public money would be used more efficiently, and which would promote free sharing of information.
  • wants to cut bureaucracy and the power of public authorities and give people more choice in their lives. For this and other reasons Piraattipuolue wants to see the current social security system replaced by a basic income scheme.
    Piraattipuolue aims to get elected into the Finnish parliament, municipal councils and the European Parliament. Regarding policies not covered by the party manifesto, when elected into office, pirate delegates are free to make decisions according to their own conscience.


The European Pirate Party was officially founded on March 21st in Brussels, in the European Parliament. Chairperson of the first elected board is Swedish Pirate MEP Amelia Andersdotter. Co-vicechairpersons are Martina Pöser from Germany and Maxime Rouquet from France.

The European Pirate Party has given itself a manifesto which it highlights its ideals: high civil rights standards, better ways for citizens to participate in democracy, transparent institutions, a modern legal frame for copyright and patents for for the 21st century and a neutral network infrastructure that keeps individuals on level ground with multinational corporations.

To achieve this goal, the founding members of the European Pirate Party, the Pirate Parties of Europe, have given themselves a common election platform for the European election in May 2014. With a strong sense of freedom, bottom-up democracy and the knowledge that the information society has yet to be shaped for the benefit of all, the European Pirates are ready to take on the European challenge.

Contact Finnish Pirate Party in English:


Raoul Plommer, International Affairs
+358 44 581 0005

Riku Martikkala, Pirate Youth of Finland, International Affairs
+358 50 549 6790


IBAN: FI87 5630 6220 0248 91
Name: Piraattipuolue r.p.